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Thomari Story-Harden

Fresno, CA



13U Select


Not Frozen




The following players have not been approved to play by their parents. This MAY cause your player to be ineligible to play on this roster until the parent confirms them to play on this team.

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Team Avenue Aces - 13U - Select Division - Current Roster - Parent Unapproved

Player BC Age Year Grade Team(Grade) Add Date PA Drop Date
1 Stephanie Herring   12 Fall 2013 14/0 Team Avenue Aces (15) 07/27/2013
12:18 PM

  • * Dropped due to freeze to another team.
  • Age is the players age on April 30th of that season.
  • Grade TY/LY shows the highest level a player has played this year (TY) and the mandate level (LY).
  • Grade is the mandated level of the player. This is defined by adding age + class, so a grade 15 for a 12 year old would mean the player is mandated to the Elite (3) level. Each team is allowed 4 players of a LY grade one level higher. Upon adding the 5th player, the team will be moved up.
  • BC column represents if Nations Baseball has verified the birth certificate for a player matching the full name and date of birth in the system for that player.